Man pleads guilty to stealing toothbrush as the wait for Universal Credit is too long


A Stoke man who cares for his terminally-ill mother has been handed a conditional discharge after a two-month delay in his benefits drove him to steal a toothbrush.

Stuart Jarvis of Sycamore Close, Shelton was made redundant from his machinery plant job as it went into voluntary administration, however the eight-week wait for Universal Credits became too much for him.

Jarvis was given a six-month conditional discharge after North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard that the toothbrush was recovered on site by security personnel at Tesco Extra, Hanley.

The 41-year-old was hoping to sell the £80 electric toothbrush to buy a birthday present for his daughter.

Mr Jarvis, who felt he had no other option, admitted guilt immediately and his legal aide told the court how Mr Jarvis was very sorry for his lack of judgement on the matter.

His mother, who had been taken into hospital that morning due to declining health, also provided a written statement to the court to explain her son’s predicament.

Court costs of £135 were also put in place for the Shelton man to pay and no fees were needed to pay to the store as the goods had been returned.


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