Stoke-on-Trent conservatives react to new Prime Minister


Members of Biddulph Conservative and Unionist club have offered a mixed response to the election of the country’s new leader Boris Johnson.

On Tuesday, Johnson was chosen as the new Conservative Party leader in a vote conducted by party members.

The former London Mayor defeated Jeremy Hunt by a margin of nearly 50,000 votes, and was sworn in as Prime Minister of Great Britain on Wednesday.

In his first speech as PM, Johnson promised to take Britain out of the European Union by October 31: “No if’s, no but’s.”

And David Bibby, 64, member and president of the club said: “He is a dedicated leave voter and that’s the sort of guy we need to carry through this Brexit policy.”

In August 2018 Boris faced backlash over comparing Muslim women to “letterboxes”, in his Daily Telegraph column. 

The Muslim Council of Britain said he was “pandering to the far right.”

Mr. Bibby said: “I don’t particularly agree with everything he has said, but when he has offended somebody, he invariably apologises.”

Support for the Etonian wasn’t unanimous in the local club. Another member said: “He grew up telling lies and he’ll not be happy until he’s king.

“If Donald Trump said jump, Boris would just say how high?”

As his cabinet reshuffle continues, Johnson promised the “beginning of a new golden age”, in his first address to the house of commons.

Leader of the opposition and Labour party MP Jeremy Corbyn has said that he is ready for a general election at “any time.”


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