Man who made a dirty protest in his cell sentenced on drug charges


A man who smeared faeces on the walls of his prison cell while in custody, has pleaded guilty to drug possession charges at North Staffs Justice Centre.

Daniel Volpe of Sturgess Street, Stoke-on-Trent, was arrested on July 12, for possessing a small amount of cannabis.

The prosecution said he was “obstructive” and “volatile” upon his arrest and when he was taken in to custody.

When he arrived at his cell, the 34-year-old defecated, and started to spread the results all over the walls of the small room.

On the night of the arrest, Volpe had taken the cannabis on top of sleeping pills. This was cited when the defendant said that he has no recollection of his dirty protest.

The day after his arrest (July 13), Volpe kicked a glass door inside the police station, but caused no structural damage.

Volpe has been fined a total of £402.13, which includes fines for a previous offence.

Staffordshire Police have been compensated £60 for the specialist cleaners that have been required to clean the faeces covered cell.

During the sentencing the magistrate said that Volpe’s “disgusting habit” had led to an “expensive night.”


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