Drunk driver in police car chase was three times over the legal limit


A drunk Stoke man was banned from driving for two years today after a court heard that he led police on a car chase while nearly three times over the limit.

David Patterson, 45, pleaded guilty to drink driving at North Staffordshire Justice Centre after he was pulled over by police for driving erratically and received a 24-month driving ban.

Patterson had been drinking earlier that evening before having an argument with his partner. He then got in his car and drove away from their home in Dovedale Road, Kingsley.

Police discovered the 45-year-old as they were responding to a 999 call, they watched his car swerve across the road repeatedly and he made no move to clear the way for the blue light police car.

As Patterson, who works as a driver, travelled down Leek Road and onto Hulme Road, the police officers signalled for him to pull over.

Initially Patterson did pull over, however he soon sped off again leaving the officers chasing after him to get him to pull over once more.

Once the officers got Patterson off the road they completed a breathalyser test which showed that he was nearly three times the legal limit.

After pleading guilty in court today Patterson was given a financial penalty of £1070 alongside the driving ban and is to take part in a drink drivers’ rehabilitation programme.

If the programme is completed within 16 months then the ban will be reduced by 26 weeks.


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