Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage is so important


Have you heard? It’s a boy! Archie Mountbatten- Windsor, born on the 6th of May and son of Duke and Dutchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markles, is seventh in the line to the throne.

Danny Baker was recently fired from BBC radio 5 live after tweeting a ‘racist’ royal baby tweet that left Britain in shock. The post had a photo of a man and woman holding hands with a suited monkey and the radio DJ had captioned it “Royal baby leaves hospital”.

Let’s be honest, the media have absolutely trolled Meghan since it was announced that she would be married to Prince Harry; and now the pair have a baby together, it was not long before the racists jokes emerged, just hours after it was announced that the baby had been born.

Of course Danny argued that it was ‘a joke’ taken out of context and not meant to be racist at all. He even accused BBC for ‘throwing him under the bus’. But Mr Baker is one of many Britain’s who are learning that the world around them is changing, you wont be excused for the things that were once accepted and you certainly have to respect the royal family, black or white!

That’s why the union between Prince harry and Meghan Markle is so important in todays society. Of course, racism is not what it used to be and we have all come a long way from slavery, discrimination and racial prejudice, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still there.

The marriage between the royal couple is forcing people to be more accepting of others despite their backgrounds. No one would have thought that a young divorced actress with a black mother would become a member of the royal family, but here we are and it just makes being black in a white society a little more easier.

Unfortunately for Meghan, she has to face the consequences of being the change that we’ve all been waiting for. Suffering ridiculous criticism from the media, such as holding her baby bump too much, and her character questioned in a way that Kate Middleton was never, she has become sort of a hero to ethnic minorities for the way that she has soldiered on and kept a smile on her face throughout it all.

The Duchess and her Duke have given us a refreshing new picture of the royal family that actually represents the multi ethnical country Britain is always claiming to be. And what better way to promote diversity but by using the most powerful family in Britain. Now little British girls from ethnic minority backgrounds can also envision themselves as a princess and see a reflection of themselves in the royal family.

We are proud that Harry does not conform to the norms and expectations of a man born of royal blood. He has always seemed to be the one to push boundaries and do more than what is expected of him. He is a great role model for young people to look up to and his work in Africa and other countries is admired as we see him interact and build relationships with all races.

Also looking at Meghan’s mother interacting with the queen and her single handily subverting to the common stereotypes of black women in today’s society is just amazing. I look forward to  seeing more of them and the journey that they will embark on ahead.  


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