To dye or not to dye? It’s your choice


Grey hair cover-ups are essential for women, apparently. But let’s not let society make that decision for us.

Grey hairs, wisdom highlights, shreds of wisdom. Whatever you may call them, we all get them at some point in our lives and will do whatever it takes to avoid admitting to ourselves and everyone else that we are ageing.

Whether you see ageing as a negative, annoying part of life or see it as a sign of wisdom and maturity, we are all victims of this terrible process. Well, that’s if you share the same, horrified view as I do. Some of us panic at the sight of a single grey hair and immediately call our hairdressers to book in for an emergency cut and colour or run down to our local Boots to buy a bottle of hair dye.

In all seriousness though, why don’t men panic in the same way as us women do? Maybe it’s because they like the rugged look or see themselves as silver foxes. I just wish women could embrace grey hairs in the same way as men do. Obviously you get the trendy fashionistas who slap on a load of bleach and then intentionally dye their hair grey but come on, that look doesn’t suit all of us.

When I was a kid, I always wondered why the women in my family had a major freak out whenever they found one of those wirey things but now that I’ve been cursed with my first few grey hairs, I can completely understand where they were coming from. I mean, you begin to feel even more self-conscious because you’re constantly worrying if the people sitting opposite you on the train have noticed your unwanted hairs glistening in the light.

The hairs may glisten, but it’s almost as though us women become invisible once we start to turn grey. Obviously we don’t actually become invisible, this isn’t a Harry Potter book which comes with a free invisibility cloak, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

We’re just not seen as desirable once we begin to age. I guess it’s to do with the celebrity culture of looking youthful, but I’d rather not inject myself full of Botox and spend all of my money on getting my hair dyed just to impress a guy or prevent a bitchy woman from making sly remarks.

We all know that the media’s portrayal of how woman should look puts pressure on us daily. You know what I’m talking about, right? A toned body, tanned skin, immaculate makeup and long, luscious hair (if you don’t have long hair there’s always the option of getting somebody else’s hair glued into your own). But in the real world, we don’t all have time to keep ourselves looking like life-sized Barbie dolls so I’ll look scruffy, tired and put on a baggy jumper every now and again if I want to.

It’s simply unfair that we exist in a culture where all of these unrealistic expectations are thrown upon us in order to find a lovely husband who loves us for ‘who we really are’ when in actual fact, all we end up with is a weirdo staring at us in a bar who probably can’t accept that sometimes we just want to go for the natural look.

But unfortunately, one annoyed female sitting behind a laptop screen whilst writing an opinion piece isn’t going to cause a nationwide empowerment of women. All I can do is try my best to make my opinions heard in the hope that some of you guys feel the same way as I do. For now, though, I’ll continue with my research on why I’ve got pesky, wiry grey hairs sprouting through my scalp every day.

Whilst reading up on why I was prematurely sprouting grey hairs I found that a Glamour magazine survey stated that ladies should start preparing for greys once they hit their 30s: specifically, ages 30, 32, and 35 which related to the hair colour of the individual with redheads being cursed first, followed closely by brunettes and then those lucky blondes coming in last. If that’s the case, I’m just unlucky. Being a natural blonde who got their first ‘wisdom highlight’ at 17 is just an absolute mockery.

We all hear the rumours about stress causing greys, the ‘grey gene’ being inherited and dying your hair from a young age causing greys, but everyone will believe whatever they want in order to make themselves feel better. I could bore you with the scientific reasons behind the grey process blah blah blah but to be honest, I’d end up boring myself as well.

I think that we all just need to accept it as a part of life, it can’t be prevented so I don’t know why we try to fight it. As much as I wish there was an anti-grey cream as well as all of the eye creams and anti-wrinkle creams on offer, the likelihood of that happening is pretty much zero to none. So, let’s embrace this whole ‘growing old gracefully’ thing- even if you do start going grey at 17! I’m not talking about using walking sticks as a fashion accessory or getting a regular blue rinse, but I guess you get the idea. Surely that sounds a lot easier than wasting money on colouring your hair every few weeks or finding inventive new hairstyles to cover up any clusters of greys that you might have noticed, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t ever see this happening but a girl can dream. A girl can dream of a society where greys aren’t bitched about at every given opportunity, they’re just hairs for goodness sake. As if other people’s opinions of our unmaintained hair even matters anyway, seriously. All I’m saying is that we really shouldn’t make such a fuss over such tiny matters when there are worse things to worry about. Like that monobrow regrowth between your brows!


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