Tamworth front office closed to the public


Tamworth front office will officially close to the public on Friday 17th May.

Police say it is due to the new digital age, which has caused the public using police front counters to drop significantly over the past few years.

 More people have chosen to contact police officers online or using the 101 number.

Tamworth Police ensure that the station will remain open with community officers still operating out and around Tamworth.

Police are encouraging the public to contact them through improved phone and online services.

Officers will also be working from different locations such as council buildings, community hubs and police posts across the borough.

These community bases are open for people who wish to talk to the police or raise any issues in person.

Chief Inspector Ashley Farrington, the local neighbourhood commander for Tamworth, said: “My officers will still work from Tamworth and will be out and about in the local community.

“Each neighbourhood policing team has a calendar of events and locations where officers and PCSOs are available to speak first-hand to the public about the issues affecting their community.

“This includes drop-in and online surgeries, supported by ‘hotspot’ patrolling based on community feedback.

“We are investing in neighbourhood policing and improving online and telephone services to make it easier and more convenient for the public to get in touch with the police to find the information they need and to report minor crimes and other matters online.

“People who come to Tamworth can also speak to a member of staff via a wall mounted help point on the front of the building.”

Front office counters in Burton, Cannock and Longton are still remaining open to the public except on Bank Holidays. The front office counters are open between 9.00am-5.00 Monday to Friday.

Most of the time, front office counters are used by the public for general enquires that can be easily handled on the phone or online. unhideused


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