Studio Challenge 2019 victors set to release winning tracks with Phoenixx Records.


Third year Music Technology students, Alex Dudley and Charlie Ball, took the top spot in this years Studio Challenge. Winning themselves a two single commercial release with student record label, Phoenixx Records.

Held in Cadman Studios on the 5th and 6th April, Studio Challenge 2019 gave two groups of students, 21 consecutive hours to write, record, mix and master two songs.

Along side the release with Pheonixx Records, the winners bagged themselves a Proffesionals £50 voucher and Staffs Union jumpers – the official sponsors of Studio Challenge 2019.

Studio Challenge
Photo by Jacob Swetmore

Provided only with half price food at the Ember Lounge and enough energy drinks to get them through the 21 hour lock in, the two groups had to build their track from scratch using only what they chose to bring with them.

Winner, Charlie Ball said, “As we were working in a group, we just went in with open minds and no plan, to see what would happen in the moment”. His team mate Alex adding, “to be honest, me and Charlie just wanted to have fun and didn’t really care about what was being made as long as it sounded alright”.

The duo both recommend others interested in the challenge participate if they get the chance, describing it as a great opportunity to push creative boundaries. “I’d definitely recommend it!” Alex said, “it’s really fun and challenging at the same time and I wish there were more stuff like this going on!”

Studio Challenge
Photo by Jacob Swetmore

The ironic key to success here being not to stress out. Despite only having a 21 hour window to create 2 full tracks, they say it was more important to focus on just producing some sort of end result even if it wasn’t a finished track. It is more productive than doing nothing.

Additionally, Alex advised, “I’d say take more than what you think you need. Me and Charlie took loads of guitar pedals, synths we even took a digeridoo and a tape recorder. All these items were just to mess about with and ended up with some sonically interesting results.”

Keep an eye on the Studio Challenge Facebook page for the upcoming release of the two winning tracks tomorrow.

You can stay up to date with winner Alex Dudley’s work by checking out his Spotify page.


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