Stone Canoeists Target Olympic success after selection


Two Canoeists from the Stafford and Stone Canoe Club say they both believe they can make the Olympics after qualifying for the GB team this season.

20-year-old Chris Bowers from Newcastle-under-Lyme has qualified for the kayak team, while Stone’s Adam Burgess will be on the Canoe team.

Adam told Extra Time with Robin Grey on BBC Radio Stoke, “It was quite a journey to qualify, the first race started badly so I needed to win on the last day to get through.

“With that win on the last day, I qualified, you have to deliver when it counts.

“Mid-way through the qualifying weekend, I was thinking the Olympic dream is over, what am I going to do instead of canoeing?

Chris Bowers said, “I’ve made the senior team the last two years, it’s down to two races now, the Lee Valley World Cup and World Championships in September, whoever finishes highest in the British boats will go to Tokyo.”

Bowers will need to overcome the Olympic gold medallist Joe Clarke’s time if he’s to make it, who won the overall qualifying for kayaking.

“There’s only one place, obviously it’s gutting that me and Joe both can’t go but I’m sure whoever does the best will do brilliantly at the games.”

For Burgess, the 27-year-old will face competition from Ryan Westley and David Florence for the place at the Olympics.

Burgess said, “I believe so strongly that I am going to the Olympic games.”


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