EU Elections: Liberal Democrat candidate Lee Dargue on his campaign.


The West Midlands candidate talks about Brexit and the political landscape of the UK.

With less than a week to go before the European Election’s May 23rd vote, campaigning is continuing across the country. Lee Dargue is standing for the Liberal Democrats in the West Midlands, as well as currently being a member of the Birmingham Ladywood Lib Dems.

With huge success in the recent Council Elections, he thinks there is a chance for gains on a European level.

“The local elections were an incredible result for the Lib Dems – we made the most ever gains in our Party’s history. In the West Midlands, like the rest of the country, we took seats in places people didn’t expect us to. It’s been a huge shake-up. It’s also a great springboard for our EU campaign, which has shown a clear, consistent message, which people have taken to.”

That message is to remain and flourish as a member of the European Union. He’s delighted with how the campaign has gone so far.

“The campaign has gone from strength-to-strength,” he told Staffs Live. “People are very much fed up with the old politics. The usual ding-dong battle between the Labour and Conservative parties. Labour and the Conservative’s are tired and split, and people want clarity and leadership. That’s what the Liberal Democrats have proven to offer people. We have had many people joining the Party since the EU campaign began.”

But what of new parties, such as Change UK? Have they the potential to split the votes. Dargue acknowledges that there may be some of this.

“Our vote share has gone up and our polling is consistently increasing, putting us ahead of Change UK and the Greens, and also, in some places, ahead of Labour too.

“There will be some splitting of the vote, no point denying that. We have had many people tell us at hustings, rallies and when knocking on doors, that they are lending, or permanently switching their vote to us, to ensure the largest Remain Party has the best chance in the local elections.”

With three remain leaning parties in the election, votes may be tight. Lee thinks that the Lib Dems will appeal to voters who want to put a stop to Brexit completely. Even though the October deadline looms in the background.

“Some people have joined the Lib Dems who have left other divided parties, many have joined who have never been in a political party before. They see our consistent message of wanting to end the Brexit shambles. So that we can then tackle the climate emergency, and protect and improve public services and jobs.

“Brexit will make the whole country poorer – a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to Stop Brexit.”


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