EU Elections: Conservative candidate Anthea McIntyre on her campaign.


The EU Elections continue to dominate the British political landscape. With a deadline of October looming for the completion of a Brexit deal, many who stand for candidacy may never take up their positions.

Following on from our interview with new political party Change UK’s candidates, we asked a few questions of Anthea McIntyre, a current Conservative MEP, and candidate again this time around, for the West Midlands. She was adamant that the Conservatives will deliver Brexit.

“My message will be that we are the party that gave you the referendum the country demanded… We are the only party that will ensure the result is honoured,” she said.

“The other parties want to derail or debase Brexit – we want to deliver it and move on to build the global Britain people voted for.”

McIntyre also mentioned the impact that Brexit may have on voters decision making.

“I think Brexit will feature prominently in the election – which is ironic in a way because those elected will not really be able to influence the outcome until a way forward is found by our parliamentarians in Westminster,” she said. 

“When that happens it will be our job to make sure the deal is not halted or sabotaged by the European Parliament, but until then, the ball will stay in the Westminster court.

“What I hope is that Conservative voters do not get provoked into a protest vote for UKIP or the Brexit Party. The truth is that Conservatives really are the only politicians who can follow through to honour the result of the referendum. 

“Change UK and the Lib Dems simply want to stop Brexit and pretend the referendum never happened.  Labour want to dilute and derail it, UKIP and Farage want to trash the negotiations altogether and trash our future prosperity with it.”

The 11-year long member of the European Parliament also added: “For however long we end up staying in the EU, it is vital Conservative MEPs with experience are there to look out for the interests of Staffordshire, the West Midlands and the UK.”

On the subject of the EU withdrawal, she remains hopeful that a deal can be reached before the October deadline – if a compromise can be reached.

“The Labour party has to stop playing the party political games that have made getting the withdrawal agreement through parliament so fraught,” she said. 

I still hope sense will prevail – preferably in good time for the successful candidates not to even have to take up their seats. Failing that the October deadline is paramount.”


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