Alton Towers Resort – The Dungeons and other new attractions!


End of year exams for Staffordshire students are almost over and the summer break is on the horizon. Have you got much planned during your time of freedom? Then add visiting Alton Towers Resort to your list to see their new attraction the Alton Towers Dungeon.

The latest feature was opened this season, and is certainly one to remember.

The Dungeons illustrates over 600 years’ worth of Staffordshire history, starting in the 14th century.

It delves into the histories of the black plague, torturers and tales of bandits. You will also embark on an adventure down the black gloomy river.

The Dungeon explores the stories of the infamous Burslem witch, Molly Leigh who was accused of witchcraft in the 17th Century. After her grave was disturbed, she haunted the town and solidified her legacy in Staffordshire history. This part of the Dungeon journey transforms the experience into the supernatural. Spooky, right?

map of alton towers dungeon
The Alton Towers Dungeon journey

But it’s not all about sinister plots of ghouls and death. The attraction is full of laughs and giggles for all to enjoy. The fact that the actors enthusiastically involve the audiences makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Some of you may feel a little embarrassed, if you fall victim to their tricks, but the actors never once break their character.

Overall, the attraction is fantastic and gives you a sense of Staffordshire hundreds of years ago. It additionally adds local stories to the experience which pours appreciation for the area.

If you decide to visit, there are other new experiences for you to enjoy, such as the Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop Gardens to seek Peter Rabbit in his hiding place within Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Alton Towers Resort is most definitely a destination to add to your fun filled summer, if you’re brave enough to venture down to the Dungeons.


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