Staffordshire and Keele in varsity bullying investigation


Both Staffordshire and Keele’s student unions are investigating a bullying allegation following this year’s Varsity sports event.

Staffs student’s union announced in a joint statement with Keele that they were investigating a number of teams for allegations of bullying.

The statement said: “As a result of these investigations and the actions of teams involved, we’re withholding the ‘walkover point’ award to Keele Men’s Rugby, pending an investigation.

“As a combined Union, both Staffs and Keele do not condone any negative behaviour or bullying either in person or online.”

Varsity is an annual event in which both Staffordshire’s and Keele’s sports teams face off against each other.

An anonymous source involved in the running of the Varsity event says the incident took place on Twitter.

He alleges that the Keele’s Rugby team account launched a tirade of abusive comments towards the Staffs team on the social media site.

The same source said: “All it takes is one idiot who has had a drink to get access to an account and cause issues.

“The people involved should get removed from the team, but they probably won’t, and will just get a stern talking to.”

The first game of Varsity was on Sunday March 31, ending on Wednesday April 3, which is when the investigation was announced.

Both unions have also said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the supporters and players who have competed and supported with the utmost respect for their team mates and opposition.”


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