TeamSport karting coming to Burslem in May


The new Formula One season is on the horizon with the green lights set to switch on for the first time in Melbourne as preparations are well-underway for the 2019 campaign.

While the racing season builds up to start in Australia next weekend, Stoke-On-Trent have their very own karting venue in Burslem for those who are looking to get into the multi-million-pound sport.

TeamSport are coming to the city at the end of May and with the influence of five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, the numbers within the sport are expected to rise.

“We have got venues in most of the UK’s major cities and we wanted to come to Stoke for some time now,” said Team-Sport’s regional operation director, James Roger.

“Given the nature of our product, we found the sort of building which suits our needs. We have now found our location in Burslem and we are really happy with it.

“It has enabled us to build a track with a really exciting touch, so we are chuffed.

“Formula One does influence the numbers. We find that our fans are very busy in the week and in the week after that as well.

“If Hamilton wins we see more, but I think in general, we will see an increase in income in business all around the Formula One season.

“Often it is parents asking about how to get their son or daughter into the sport and into the industry, and hopefully with the goal being the next Formula One champion.

“People know that Lewis and many other of the guys in Formula One started off in karting. “

Within the past decade, the world has seen the introduction of electric cars. Nine global car brands are now going head to head in the 2018/19 season and Roger believes Formula E is the future of racing.

“I think in the current climate it is almost inevitable and arguably, electric cars have come on, in general, so far in the last ten years,” he added.

“We very much think it’s the future and we already have five electric tracks within our state dotted around the country, and Stoke will therefore become our sixth.

“It is a completely different experience when you compare it to the more traditional petrol cars on tracks side, either in the car or you’re a spectator it’s a hell of a lot quieter.

“We don’t need too much ventilation because there are no fumes, it’s a lot more environmental friendly.

“And I think the benefits for the drivers is that there’s instant talk, there’s more I suppose more manageable and we can control the top end speed a bit more.

“As for the junior drivers, we can actually control the cars remotely to enable us to give them a little bit more power if they develop or drop it back a bit if there seem to be having trouble.

“Electric certainly opens more doors to what we can do in the industry and I think in general, electric cars are everywhere now so it’s inevitable.”


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