Superdrug is now offering breast cancer checking consultations in stores


Superdrug has become the first high street retailer to offer a breast checking consultation service in stores.

The health and beauty chain has teamed up with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! to offer a no touch consultation on how to carry out a breast examination in all of its 56 nurse clinics across the UK, including Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Manchester.

The partnership aims to educate patients on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer by having over 100,000 breast checking consultations in the first year.

CoppaFeel reminder card

55 year-old Karen Bloor, dog handler for Staffordshire Police, has been raising awareness for breast cancer since her diagnosis in 2014.

She completed the Great North Run just weeks after her double mastectomy, and has since worked with fashion students to design clothes for women who’ve had a mastectomy.

Karen was unable to have reconstructive surgery after having both breasts removed as her job requires her to wear body armour.

She never left her line of work whilst undergoing treatment, and whilst on restricted duties spent time carrying on talks with her specialist search dog.

She said: “I think this service will help both men and women who are unsure of how to check their breasts and how to recognise any abnormalities.

It also frees up doctors and hospital appointments while providing a free and valuable service.”

To combat the lack of knowledge on the subject, CoppaFeel! have trained Superdrug nurses on how to talk to patients who attend a clinic appointment about how and when to check themselves at home.

Jackie Mckenzie, cancer survivor and founder of Pink Sisters Staffs, said:

“From personal experience of breast checking consultations is that not all doctors are aware of the vast number of symptoms and that it is not always a lump or visible.

My GP initially sent me away for 3 months to monitor as there was no lump and I had only experienced pain, within two weeks I had returned to my GP to ask for a referral and it had quickly gone from nothing to a 5cm lump.

As for Superdrug offering breast cancer checks and teaching women to be self aware and self checking I cant praise them enough as early detection can be life saving.

I would encourage anyone to learn how to carry out their own breast examinations including men and if Superdrug can encourage more to do this then the chances of early detection will surely increase.”

Find your nearest Superdrug health clinic offering the service here.


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