Staffordshire University reassure student safety after knife and hammer incidents


Staffordshire University want to reassure the safety of students following two incidents that happened last week.

Staffordshire police received a call to Cauldon Road in Shelton on March 17 at 8:16pm to the report of a man walking around with a knife in an area highly populated with student housing.

Following arrival, the police had an intensive search and couldn’t find the male.

No one was hurt, but days before another incident happened March 14 at 8pm on Leek Road campus.

Teenagers attempted to burgle the university accommodation resulting in the hospitalisation of a student.

The student was taken to hospital with head injuries and has since been discharged.

Following the incident, two Stoke-on-Trent boys, a 17-year-old and 16-year-old were arrested on suspicion of bodily harm.

Police released the boys on bail and are currently investigating both the incidents which happened only days apart.

PC Simon Stone, Staffordshire Police officer and Police Liaison Officer for Staffordshire University wants to reassure student safety on campus.

He said: “I just want to reassure students that in any accommodation you lock your doors even if you’re inside.

“The university campus and area with all the students is in-between a town and a village so it’s quite a big populated area and obviously myself and my colleagues are here for the support of students.

“I want to remind students that if you get any concerns what so ever please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

A spokesperson from Staffordshire University said: “There was an incident at Leek Road last Wednesday night which was immediately attended by our Campus Security Team and Staffordshire Police.

“Support is being given to students concerned, as is always the case following any incident involving a member of our community.

“In a separate incident on Sunday evening, we were made aware that there had been one report to police regarding a male in the wider Shelton area.

“Student safety is at the heart of our student community and our University team, Students’ Union and on-campus police officer work with students throughout the year to remind them to keep themselves and their property safe and secure.

“That work continues to ensure that Staffordshire University remains a welcoming space for students, staff and visitors.”


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