Keele student took own life after battle with mental health, inquest told


Jade Louise Clements, 24, a student at Keele University took her own life on March 29 last year after a long battle with her health, an inquest heard.

Miss Clements was registered blind after cataracts were found in both of her eyes as a baby.

Her right eye was operated on although the inquest heard her left eye was down to about 25% which meant that she was assigned a guide dog.

Other health issues that the student faced were undiagnosed seizures, scoliosis, asthma, bipolar disorder and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Despite that, Miss Clements is heard to have been a hard working Biomedical Science student.

Her father Brian said: “She didn’t like to trouble anyone, she didn’t make excuses.

“She just wanted to get a degree under her belt to prove to people that she could do something.”

After dropping her off at Keele University after Christmas last year, Miss Clements’ father said: “Something from the 12 January to the 29 March went very wrong.”

The inquest heard that Keele University did not provide everything that they could have and that Miss Clements’ expectations were not met.

A friend of Miss Clements’, Samara Hussain is said to have called the security at Keele University to alert them about Miss Clements’ mental state after she had become concerned.

Concerns were also raised by a Twitter follower in the United States of America after they had seen a worrying tweet on Jade’s account.

They alerted British police who immediately rushed to Jade’s home address in Surrey, they were told that she was at her University halls.

Student support staff from Keele University knocked on Miss Clements’ door at Holly Cross Halls of Residence after concerns were raised.

After a lack of response, security staff were called, the inquest heard.

An ambulance was called and it arrived at 3:45am, met by security at the University.

Despite her worrying conversation with Ms Hussain, the inquest was told that Miss Clements had positive interactions with her mother Teressa and her grandmother in the evening before her death.

Mr Ian Smith, Senior Coroner in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire recorded the death to be of suicide.


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