Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians Review


Following off the back of a renowned franchise, Horrible Histories has taken a step into the limelight of theatres across the country and showcases a production on the Ancient Egyptians.

In a bid to immerse audiences the production sees a three person cast take on multiple roles with the support of a 3D projector as they step back in time almost 5000 years ago.

The cast itself comprises of Simon Nock, Lisa Allen and Isaak Cainer who do well under the circumstances.

Even though this is written by the original creator himself, Terry Deary it’s in unusual fashion, dull to put it bluntly.

Scripting is lacklustre leaving an energetic cast resulting in flossing, football references and Donald Trump impressions in an attempt for a cheap laugh.

As a result, it lacks the desired effect in comparison to the informative books and established TV show of the past.

It’s ultimately a real shame as the cast seems so dedicated and genuinely do have fun by interacting well with audiences throughout the runtime that amounts to almost two-hours long.

However, following off the back of a good first half at best the production takes a risk by getting audiences to come back at the interval with a pair of 3D glasses at hand.

The previously utilised projector looked to utilise the alternative imagery to add to the immersion but nevertheless, this only counters the performances established in the first half and is only a distraction throughout.

A talented cast and well-produced costume design seem sadly under utilised as this stage show doesn’t do enough to get the majority of the audience on board as many of the scenes are hit and miss.

For a production that feels like somewhat of a missed opportunity, it does manage to get itself across the line however and will at least entertain its target audience within the younger generations.

Yet for the rest, it will fall under scrutiny for its rehashed pantomime-like presentation.


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