eBay sellers use non-profit charity merchandise to make themselves money


With a week to go until this year’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day, TK Maxx are nearly out of their exclusive Disney merchandise. But eBay sellers are flogging the stock at double the original retail price.

The collaboration with Disney for this years Red Nose Day merchandise covers a range of items. These include T-Shirts, Pyjamas, Tea Towels and Stationery.

But with a week to go, people who are hoping to buy the merchandise for the charity day have been left disappointed.

However, a wide range of stock is available on eBay in all sizes but at double the price.

Meaning for each £9.99 T-shirt at TK Maxx, sellers on eBay are churning in a massive profit. On the other hand, all of the profit TK Maxx makes goes straight to Comic Relief.

Members of the public are celebrating the charity day in the workplace or at a social event. This problem is now compelling them to pay extra money to ensure they have the T-shirts on Red Nose Day.

We are already aware of the impact that second hand sales at a higher price have on the music industry. However, some are feeling conflicted over the ethical impacts of these kinds of sales on registered charity events.

A Staffordshire teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I needed one for work and I couldn’t get one from TK Maxx. They were all gone in my size, with only XS or S available but the full range of sizes were on eBay.

“We are encouraging our children to think about other cultures and children around the world. All the staff will wear Red Nose’s and the T-Shirts as we use the Red Nose Day School Pack with the children.”

Comic Relief is back on Friday 15th March this year with Red Nose Day to raise more money.

The funds will help them to achieve their aim of creating a just world, free from poverty.

Which seems to be a contradiction to the eBay sellers who are making a profit from the charity merchandise.

Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £1.25 billion.

Roop Pardesi, Senior Communications Officer at Comic Relief, said: “TK Maxx does not make any profit from the in-store sale of Red Nose Day merchandise. All proceeds go to Comic Relief to help change countless people’s lives in the UK and abroad. 

“We can’t control third party sales of the merchandise. As such we would encourage people to buy the products directly from TK Maxx.”


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