Captain Marvel: Film Review (Spoiler Free)


Set in 1995, Captain Marvel is the singular tale of an extra-terrestrial warrior who finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic confrontation set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a war between her people, the Kree and the enemy the Skrulls she finds herself making her way to Earth but it’s not quite the usual fish out of water scenario that everyone will expect.

However, as it plays out it doesn’t quite hit the ground running as it seemingly trips up over its own stagnant setup and the pacing struggles as a result.

Although there are some expectantly good action sequences, they are few and far between and the film continues to land underwhelmingly short in comparison to the hype.

Its shortcomings are apparent and noted in this case, but there are still some positives that should not go overlooked.

The casting works a treat with Brie Larson in the hot seat of this rendition of Captain Marvel and she slots in perfectly and works well alongside her co-cast members of Jude Law, and the already established Nick Fury, played by the ever-impressive Samuel L. Jackson.

The chief protagonist herself is one of definite interest and it’s just a shame the plot, that she and her cast members find themselves in, is so hit and miss as the chemistry between Larson and Jackson is increasingly entertaining.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate to say that this movie slips back into the previous trend of an insignificant and perhaps forgettable villain which gives a little challenge to the obvious power that Captain Marvel possesses.

This sense of a ‘throw-away’ threat does highlight her as one of the most dangerous on-screen members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date but it detracts from this film’s ability to get you on the edge of your seat.

Along a largely uneventful two hour and five-minute runtime, there is certainly more good than bad, but it’s hard to neglect that this feels somewhat underachieving in comparison to the previous guard of Marvel’s standalone films such as last year’s Black Panther.

This could be well to how well Infinity War was received by audiences but this one for sure doesn’t quite hit home all the same.

Just be sure to stay behind for the couple of post-credit scenes that is now a staple of the franchise which does deliver in comparison to this addition that largely misses the mark this March.

Rating: 6/10


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