‘Babybird’ guitarist talks music, success and Staffordshire University


The Sheffield indie band ‘Babybird’ formed in 1995, having commercial success in 1996, reaching number three in the UK charts with their second single ‘You’re Gorgeous’.

Since then, guitarist Luke Scott has become the head of film, media and journalism at Staffordshire University, and looks back at his career highlights fondly.

I spoke with Luke in his office on the fifth floor of Staffordshire University’s Flaxman building, a guitar fittingly tucked in to the corner of the room.

Luke is affable and happy to talk about the band that propelled him into the world of showbusiness, but believes that the bands most famous song is certainly not their best.

Luke said: “We definitely had better songs, but I think that’s always going to be the focus.

“Our single after that reached number 14 in the charts, and that was deemed as a bit of a failure but prior to that, number 14 would have been fantastic.”

Many young musicians dream of chart success but Luke insists that there is both good and bad aspects to success in the music industry.

Luke continued: “It’s good to be successful but all of a sudden your fanbase changes, and your old fans tend to think that you’re not the same band as you were.

“You can’t really pinpoint one aspect and say that I wish it hadn’t happened, I quite enjoyed it when I look back, we did private jets and things like that, which was pretty good.”

After the group disbanded, Luke entered the world of education, finding himself at Staffordshire University.

“I think it was a natural progression trying to share that experience and try and give younger musicians and other creative people a better steer on the industry.”

In 2017, Luke joined the newly reformed ‘Babybird’ band and are currently touring the UK.

Luke reflects: “It’s been quite good to do both, and revisit some of the old songs.

“I think it’s the Staffordshire way really, we have people engaging with their professions on a professional level which is good for the university.”

The guitarist insists that he has no regrets about his chosen career.

The head of department said: “I have done everything that I wanted to do, and I wouldn’t really change anything.”

‘Babybird’ can next be seen in Bournemouth on the 8 March 2019, supported by the band Dodgy.


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