Valentine’s Day on a budget.


Surprisingly you don’t have to break the bank to show your significant other you love them this Valentine’s Day. After all, the day is all about spending time with each other! So why not save yourself a pretty penny and enjoy our list of way to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Eat and go out for less
Nowadays more and more people around the UK are using apps like Groupon to claim great deals on days out. Offers around Stoke include places like Frankie & Bennies and The Secret Boutique. This has been made even easier for students, with websites like Unidays and StudentBeans offering discounts and deals especially for those who are typically strapped for cash.

Home cooked meal
While the idea of cooking may terrify you, it’s hard to deny it’s hard to top a home-cooked meal on the list of romantic gestures. It doesn’t have to be a Michelin 5-star 3-course meal. A classic Spag Bol and glass of wine can show your significant other they mean a lot to you.

Say it with roses
Roses have been given as a traditional Valentine’s Day gift for centuries. Typically, you can pick up a decent bunch in your local supermarket for under £10. Red is expected, but check out this extensive list of the meaning behind each colour.

Home made presents
While diamond rings and gold bracelets can look expensive and impressive, nothing shows love more than a handmade gift, from coupons for nice deeds to photo collages. The thought and time put into the gift outweighs the minimal amount of money spent on it.

Movie marathon at home
Cinemas get more and more expensive everyday, what used to be £3 is now near enough 10, and that’s without all the snacks you’re gonna chow down on while you’re there. Cut the cost and waste no money by watching movies at home instead with snacks form your local store. Who needs the newest marvel film when you can watch the old classics for less?

Binge watch a new tv show together
We all know the biggest test of a relationship in the 21st century is surviving the task of watching a series together without watching ahead when your partner isn’t there. Try to put your budding love before the urge to betray by starting a new series together this Valentines.


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