Student uproar over cash machine charge


The Leek Road cash machine on the Staffordshire University campus has now started charging 95p for a withdrawal.

Part of the Link ATM network, the new charge has faced criticism from
students of the university.

The cash machine is located next to the LRV, a popular nightlife venue for
students at Staffordshire University.

Members of staff from the university have also been affected by the charge.

One staff member said: “That’s the only cash machine I ever use but not

“The 95p isn’t anything but I think it’s portraying students as cash cows
saying we can chisel another pound out of them, and I think it’s

A spokesperson from Staffordshire University said: “A review had been
undertaken to ensure that each ATM was still viable and in accordance to our 5-year agreement with Cash Zone, a withdrawal surcharge of 95p would have to be applied.

“Meanwhile we would like to remind students that there are nearby free to
use ATM machines at The Verve, Ember Lounge, at the Railway
Station, and at the Post Office on college road. “

97% of cash withdrawals in the UK are free, but those cash machines are
closing at a rate of 300 a month according to consumer group Which?.


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