Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Britain’s favourite dog breed


The controversial Staffordshire Bull Terrier has managed to shake off its aggressive reputation and knock the Labrador from top spot of the country’s favourite dogs.

Out of 217 breeds, it was narrowed down to the top 100 breeds in the UK.

ITV carried out a survey of 10,000 people to find out the rankings for the TV show, Britains Favourite Dog Dogs.

The results were revealed on Tuesday, 29 January.

We have asked people to send us in pictures of their beloved pups to spread the Staffie love!

Designer breed, the Cockapoo, a mixed of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, came in at second place.

Last years winner the Labrador came in third.

Other popular breeds, such as the German Shepherd and Boxer, came into the top 10.

If you missed out, catch up here to see the full list of the top 100 dog breeds.


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