Rock of Ages the Musical: Review


Surrounded by leather clad rockers, scantily dressed women in underwear and beer bottles galore, life at the Bourbon Room on the Sunset Strip is full of wannabe rock stars and actors looking to become the next rock ‘n’ roll star or Hollywood idol.

The global smash hit musical Rock of Ages transported Hanley Regent theatre into a nostalgic night full of 80s glam rock hits including, Poison’s Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. The glam rock hits have the audience singing and clapping along from the get go. 

The LA-based love story centres around small town dreamers Sherrie (Jodie Steele), and wannabe rockstar Drew aka Wolfgang Von Colt (Luke Walsh). Both dream of being together but just can’t quite get there after failed attempts at making their dreams of stardom come true. 

Stealing the show with crude jokes, sarcasm and the occasional trouserless scene, narrator Lonny (Lucas Rush) has the audience in stitches from the minute he walks on to introduce the show. 

As soon as the show starts you know you are not in for a serious and sentimental story as Lonny himself points out, this is the 80s, the time of glam rock, where people’s dreams are just as big as some of the hairstyles. 

Stacee Jaxx played by Strictly’s Kevin Clifton

Interacting with the audience plays a massive part throughout, much to the audience’s delight, breaking the fourth wall with ongoing gags made at the expense of one poor person in the front stalls. Full of crude humour, lots of sexual innuendos, a fair bit of pole dancing and proactive dancing this is defiantly not one to watch sat next to your nan, but will have you laughing and singing all the way to your car. 

The show’s surprise performance was by far from 2018 Strictly winner Kevin Clifton (Stacee Jaxx), his superb dancing throughout was anything but a surprise but his vocals showed the audience that he’s not just a dancer and can sing just as well, captivating the audience playing a sex-driven, drunk, slightly washed up Rockstar.

With the threat of closure, the Bourbon Room owned by Dennis (Kevin Kennedy, better known as Curly Watts in Coronation Street), sees the cast members come together in a bid to save the much-loved venue from the claws of a German business man. The cast fill the stage and portray their relationships easily, receiving a great reception and resounding laughter and interaction throughout.

Rock of Ages is a fun-filled night of nostalgia and 80s glam rock hits, which will leave you on your feet belting out Don’t Stop Believing. The show leaves the audience with the words of Lonny that ‘Sometimes dreams can change and they’re all the better for it.’

Rock of Ages is at the Regent Theatre Stoke from 12 -16 February 2019. Tickets are available online.


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