Family launch mental health website in memory of 37-year-old mum who took her own life


Kelly Burnbred’s family set up “Kelly’s Legacy” in her memory after she took her own life following a battle with mental health issues for many years.

Kelly’s Legacy aims to help anyone who is suffering from or affected by issues surrounding mental health.

Since her passing, they have organised various events across Staffordshire to raise awareness and raise funds for Younger Mind.

Last week, their new website launched to help young people who are suffering with mental health issues.

Ryan Smith, Live Minds Project Manager, said: “ aims to offer young people in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffs access to early intervention support for their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“We want young people to feel able to talk about the smaller things and access support when they first happen. Those smaller things hopefully then won’t grow into bigger things.”

The website offers self-help resources,  peer support, a guide to services available to them, but most significantly an instant messaging support service.

Accessing support online means no waiting list and an opportunity to access help with no-one overhearing them.

The dedication and generosity of Kelly’s legacy made this project possible as they funded the whole website via their fundraising movement.

Find out more about the website and Kelly’s legacy here.


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