10 things we love to hate about the festive season


Bah Humbug! We love Christmas as much as the next person, but it must be acknowledged that maybe the festive season isn’t “the most wonderful time of the year” as Andy Williams wholeheartedly tells us every year.

So, we bring to you, at this festive time, 10 things we love to hate about the festive season:

Bad Christmas jumpers

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few ugly jumpers here and there. Pompoms, bells and lights galore! As soon as the date flicks over to December 1st it becomes socially acceptable to brush the dust off the jumper you got 5 Christmas’s ago.

Bad Presents

Socks, socks, socks! The one present you hate to see in your stocking as a kid but really start to appreciate more and more each year. Better practise your fake smiles and elongated ‘thaaaaaanks’ for when your distant cousin gifts you that ugly dog sweater that you never knew you needed -or wanted.

Awkward Family Gatherings

A dinner built out of drama, awkward encounters and your aunt pointing out how your STILL single – what’s not to look forward too?

People who are difficult to buy for

“I’m so easy to buy for”. Famous last words of the family member that ends up receiving nothing for Christmas. Buying for Christmas in itself is an anxiety inducing task without throwing a difficult person into the mix.


An eggy abomination. That’s all. Next.

Decorating too early

What ever happened to the tradition of ’12 days before, 12 days after’? Christmas nowadays starts in October, most people not even waiting for Halloween to pass before they start to play Christmas tunes. Excluded from this bracket are the people who deem it necessary to leave there Christmas decorations up all year round – they are a whole new level.

Over eating

Christmas is really an excuse to eat whatever, whenever. You want to eat a whole selection box before 10am, you go for it, no one’s here to judge you. The downside – there’s 100% chance of gaining weight over the festive season. The up side – those news sweatpants you got in your stocking will come in handy.

Black Friday rampage

For those of us smart enough to stay at home and shop online Black Friday can be a god send, but you can’t deny a level of respect for those who brave the shops and crowds. The pushing, shoving and snatching – a Christmas tradition we could all do without.

Christmas Adverts

3 words, 2 parts, 1 irritatingly cute root vegetable. Kevin the Carrot has taken over the airwaves appearing in the Aldi Christmas advert for the 3rd year running. He has moms all over the UK rushing to their festive seasonnearest store at 6am to nab the collectable plushies, resale on eBay now reaching £500 – say hello to the newest wave of amateur entrepreneurs.

It costs too much

Having to buy gifts for your mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, multiple cousins, partner, friends, co-workers and next-door neighbours can cost more than a pretty penny. Christmas allows you to experience the joy that comes along with the gift of giving. But boy do we wish it didn’t come with such an attack to out bank account!


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