Children get involved with Staffordshire Borough Council’s campaign to stop littering


Hundreds of children from schools in Staffordshire have participated in a competition to urge people to stop littering.

For the competition, run by Staffordshire Borough Council, children must create a poster.

Ten-year-old Evie Stanley from Flash Ley Community Primary School won the competition and the picture is now also being used on ‘Thank You’ cards given out by the Mayor of Stafford Borough, Councillor Ray Barron, and being displayed on rubbish bins across Staffordshire.

Litter campaign winner, Evie Stanley

‘Everything’s greener when it’s cleaner’ by pupil Evie Stanley

Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, said: “The schools and children were really enthusiastic about taking part.

“This is great to hear because these little ambassadors will be able to educate brothers, sisters, friends, and parents about it not being acceptable to drop litter.

“We take a zero tolerance approach to anyone caught discarding litter and we have fined and even prosecuted a number of people who have been caught littering.”

Last year nearly 250 people were fined or prosecuted for environmental crimes such as littering.

Speaking to Preet Johal, founder of the Stoke-on-Trent Plogging Group, about how children get involved at their events.

Preet said: “At a couple of our plogging events, parents brought their children.

“The children had a lot of enthusiasm because they think it is fun to use the litter pickers and go and find the litter.

“It is a great way for children out and about, I have young daughters and they help me when I go out on the ploggging events too.”

Staffordshire Borough Council’s campaign is encouraging children to get involved with looking after their local environment, Preet said: “I think kids do notice the rubbish, but they don’t think ‘if I leave that there it will have an affect’.

“It is not the children’s duty to pick it up because they are only children and there may be glass in there.

“But I think children should be made aware about what happens to things like livestock, birds and they should see what damage throwing litter can make.

“It would be great to get some events on in the really littered areas to make a massive difference and so people will realise that groups like ours are making a difference why don’t we start as well.”

For more information about the Stoke-on-Trent Plogging group or to join, visit their Facebook page.


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