Marvel’s ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ proves that diversity in the film industry is improving


The film which is to be released on December 12th, follows the life of Miles Morales, a Brooklyn teenager who is struggling to conform to his father’s expectations of him.

After being bitten by a spider, he turns into one of the films ‘spider people’ and is mentored by the franchise’s original Spiderman, Peter Parker.

Marvel’s popular arachnid film was once known for its main protagonist being Peter Parker however this film challenges the norm in more than one way as multiple universes open, allowing multiple spider people as well as pigs to enter.

Miles naively navigates through his powers, alongside Peter Parker and the spider men, women and pigs from the other dimensions. They must defeat the antagonist Kingpin, a man set on getting vengeance and will do anything to get his family back.

Director Peter Ramsey plays on the concept of what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

In the past superheroes were expected to be well sculpted, brave and emotionless however this film changes that narrative.

Miles, voiced by Shameik Moore, is not afraid to let us know how he feels which is extremely refreshing and the change our society needs to see.

As well as challenging the concept of toxic masculinity, the film shows that diversity and equality in the industry can be achieved.

Hailee Steinfeld plays Spider woman, Gwen Stacy, who is strong, smart and witty. She’s a heroin that is not afraid of giving the men a run for their money.

With the recent Me-Too movement and the issues surrounding women’s rights and equality, Gwen Stacy’s character is exactly what this film, as well as Marvel’s female fans, need but I can’t help but feel like she could’ve been given more power rather than relying on the male characters to save her.

With subtle references to the Black Panther, the diversity in this film is far from lacking and it pays homage to the late Stan Lee, perfectly capturing the legacy he left behind.

It’s more than just good triumphing over evil, the messages in it are so crucial to today’s society, it teaches us that kind words are all we need to give in order to make others realise their potential.

It’s a story of self-discovery, complicated relationships and huge sacrifice.

It’s on the big screens from Wednesday 12th December 2018.


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