Get yourself Turkey ready this Christmas


A Christmas turkey gets pride of place on 76% of UK dinner tables during Christmas Day according to British Turkey UK.

However, not everyone knows how to create a masterpiece of their one-day wonder!

The first struggle when tackling your Christmas bird is what kind to get.

Choose from 3 different turkey types:

Saddle – all turkey with no bone or giblets, this is the easiest turkey to tackle for all, whether it’s your first or 50th time.

Crown – with no legs, wings or giblets to worry about, just don’t forget about the big bone down the middle, it’s a simpler spin on your basic turkey.

On Bone – if you’re a stickler for tradition then this turkey is your winner. Complete with bones, legs, wings and giblets it will be your master chef heaven this Christmas.

shukers butchers shop

Shukers Butchers Shop

Andy from Shukers Farm Shop and Butchers, in Weston Coyney, gave us some expert advice on buying a turkey this Christmas, “we do our turkey’s a bit early now for people to buy them fresh and so they can put them in the freezer ready for Christmas.”

When approaching Christmas, shops heave with people rushing to stock pile there Christmas necessities early, so make sure you’re prepared with your essentials in case they run out or don’t have what you want.

Start planning where to get your turkey from now and if you only have a small freezer, pre-order your turkey for a set collection date so that you know you’ll get the one you want. You should also do this if you are wanting a traditional turkey on bone for your Christmas roast. Andy suggests picking it up as close to Christmas Eve as possible because they’re not best suited to freezing.

Some key tips from Andy are:

  • Store your turkey at below 10 degrees
  • Cook your turkey at 20 minutes per pound, in a medium heat oven
  • The simplest turkey to cook is the turkey saddle

Once you have your turkey nailed down, you have to think about the perfect sides to make it a perfect Christmas Day. The most popular sides for a Christmas roast include; pigs in blankets, brussel sprouts, potatoes (roasted and mashed), stuffing, honey roasted parsnips, carrots, cabbage, gravy, cranberry sauce and bread sauce just to name a few.

Ready to go Turkeys

Ready to go Turkeys

The best way to bring all your sides and turkey together though is to get the perfect glaze for your turkey.

Get some inspiration for your Christmas day with these great glaze ideas:

Herb Glazed Roasted Turkey: a simple glaze that has olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, honey, sage, parsley and basil to really bring out your turkey’s flavour.

Honey Glazed Turkey: an absolute classic which gives your turkey a perfect shine and flavour consisting of honey, Dijon mustard, rosemary, onion, salt, garlic and pepper.

Cranberry Glazed Turkey: a lovely glaze to really compliment your roast and cranberry sauce, made up of cranberry jam, brown sugar, mixed spice, cider vinegar, port, cranberries, salt and pepper.

Cider Glazed Turkey: a simple glaze to really boost your turkey’s flavour by mixing apple cider, butter, sugar, apple, onion and thyme.

Brandy and Tangerine Glazed Turkey: a more detailed glaze to really bring out your culinary style and wow your family and friends. This Christmas glaze is made of tangerine/orange marmalade, an orange brandy, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, salt and butter.

To really top of your turkey perfect Christmas Dinner, get a classic dessert such as a Christmas pudding, sherry trifle or a Yule log.

Then use your turkey leftovers for Boxing Day sandwiches as your relax with your family and enjoy your 2018 Christmas.




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