Tamworth man jailed for seven years for manslaughter


A 25-year-old man has been jailed for seven years for manslaughter at Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday (5 November), after his victim later died of brain injuries following a confrontation.

Samuel Kelly of Coventry Road, Kingsbury, became confrontational with Liam Roche at McDonald’s in Ventura Park, Tamworth, on 22 January this year, before midnight.

Kelly became abusive towards others in the restaurant, the Court heard.

Mr Roche then intervened telling Kelly ‘don’t start on the young ones’ referring to youths presents.

Kelly then reacted to this, punching Roche to the head.

Roche’s condition worsened and was later taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham where his condition was noted as critical.

Kelly said he had been upset by a comment about his father who had died when he was twelve.

Despite efforts to reduce pressure on Mr Roche’s brain, he died on 3 February.

Detective Inspector Alan Lyford, of Staffordshire Police, said: “This was a tragic case and we extend our condolences to Liam’s family.

“We’re grateful to the witnesses who helped us to bring the facts before the court. Perhaps this case serves as a reminder of the tragic and unforeseen consequences that can follow drunken and violent behaviour.”


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