New sculpture representing women’s roles in war comes to Brampton Park


A stunning steel silhouette representing a local legend’s journey towards pacifism and the women’s suffragette movement has been unveiled at an award-winning Brampton Park.

This comes as part of the lead-up to Remembrance Sunday.

The sculpture features author, feminist and war nurse, Vera Brittain whose idealistic views changed dramatically as a result of her traumatic experiences during the First World War.

Vera, born in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1893, helped wounded soldiers of the Western Front by volunteering as a nurse in London, Malta and France.

The steel sculpture, commissioned by the Borough Council, is one of a series designed by internationally renowned sculptor Andy Edwards.

Designer Andy Edwards and Creators from PM training

It has been created by PM Training, with help from engineering apprentices, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

It’s also linked to Newcastle’s Britain in Bloom campaign and has been funded through external sources and sponsorship.

A bicycle is also featured as this was a new technology in the war years and became an enormous cultural and political force as well as an emblem for women’s rights.

In the silhouette Vera, positioned on the far right, is standing next to Emily Hobhouse, the only known British civilian to visit Germany to try and negotiate peace.

Council Leader Simon Tagg said: “This moving silhouette is absolutely stunning and leaves another lasting legacy of the sacrifices made during the Great War.

“Vera Brittain was such an inspirational person – she sacrificed so much and achieved many things in her life – so it’s great to pay tribute to her in this milestone year.

There is no better place than Brampton Park to sit, reflect and remember.”

Phil Brown, PM Training’s Artworks Manager, commented: “This was a fascinating project for a young apprentice to get behind, not only for the technical work involved, but for the
wealth of local knowledge that we both gained while working on it.

We think it’s wonderful that this memorial to Vera Brittain is going on display for all to see, and we’re delighted that it’s only a stone’s throw from PM Training’s group head office on
the Brampton.”


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