Neil Aspin looks ahead to the January transfer window to improve his Port Vale squad


Port Vale manager Neil Aspin is looking ahead to the upcoming transfer window in which he will be looking to strengthen his squad in order to push up places in the table in the second half of the season.

Over the summer, 15 players were added to the squad, the majority being either on a free transfer or as a loan deal and with over a month until the window opens again, the manager is already thinking of ways to add to his already-made additions.

However, Aspin will only bring players in if they are to improve the club’s 13th place position and with a limited budget, recruitment will be crucial.

“Every manager is thinking of how they can strengthen their team, every manager is the same and it depends where you are, what constraints you have got and which players you can attract but we will be trying to change a few players in the January window.

“You might not get the players you want, and you might have to settle for others, but it has to be that anybody who comes in has to be better than the ones who go out.

“The financial aspect is not really a concern because you are invariably taking players on loan and you can end up with a situation where you get a loan player and you pay a fraction of his wages.

“That depends on which club you are taking him from and we wouldn’t be taking a player that is on a fortune as we would have to pay massive wages.”

The biggest concern for the manager is that the club must be selective in their options and he believes that this will be the key in whether on not the club can move up the league.

Said Aspin: “I think every time there is a chance to strengthen the squad you have to look to do it. I think we must be careful and that we are not bringing people in players if they are not going to improve the squad.

“I think we have got to be selective and we have got to get the recruitment right at the end of the day.

“It’s all about the players that you have and that are available, and recruitment is key to any team being successful, but we need to recruit well and that is going to be key in whether the club can move forward.

“I like to think that if we could get somebody then we would make an effort to get them whether that be on loan or for a fee, but we are not suddenly going to be going out and spending fortunes on players certainly not at the level that we are at and certainly not with the gates that we get. We are not in that sort of position.”


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