INQUEST: Inspector relives how he felt no pulse in bid to save Adrian McDonald


A Staffordshire Police inspector has recalled at an inquest how he tried to save the life of Adrian McDonald four years ago.

The jury at Hanley Town Hall heard how now retired Inspector Richard Bills attended the scene in Newcastle-under-Lyme and provided mouth to mouth in efforts to resuscitate the 34-year-old.

Adrian, who had taken drugs, was bitten by a police dog a number of times and tasered after barricading himself into a flat on Audley Road on December 22, 2014.

Inspector Bills said: “I remember taking my glove off and putting my hand to Mr McDonald’s mouth and nose to check and sense if there was any breathing.

“And I felt nothing.”

The jury learned from the family’s counsel, Jason Pitter, that he had been tasered for up to 20 seconds and how audio from body camera footage heard him repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe.

The court also heard from Insp Timothy Nicklin, who was handling the incident from the control room and expressed his concern at the time to handle the ongoing scene as quickly as possible.

Insp Nicklin told the inquest: “We needed to intervene at the earliest stage we could.

“It was important because there was potential that the person causing damage could potentially trigger off further events, that could cause further harm to residents of the flats for example start a fire.”

The inquest carries on next week with the jury set to hear evidence from medical examiners at the end of the week.


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