INQUEST: Family anger as jury returns verdict on Staffordshire Police custody death


The brother of Adrian McDonald expressed his anger after an inquest jury unanimously concluded the reason behind his death today (November 28).

They concluded that the 34-year-old died from ‘effects of cocaine and stress caused by the incident’ back in December 2014.

After the hearing, older brother Wayne McDonald said: “Nobody has thought about what Adrian went through that night.

“He was tasered, bitten and bleeding and nobody thought that he needed an ambulance.

“He was obviously in distress.

“And we are disappointed that nobody thought about Adrian’s care that night.”

The dad-of-two from Dalton, Huddersfield died in police custody after police were made aware of a man who had barricaded himself into a flat on Audley Road, Chesterton, allegedly causing residents to flee in fear.

The information was later found to be false and the jury stated this misinformation affected police decisions, responses and the level of force used.

Adrian began to show signs of paranoia and having hallucinations when police arrived at the address the misinformation was not corrected.

The jury said: “The level of force used may have increased the deceased stress levels which may have contributed to his death.”

They concluded that he had consumed a significant amount of cocaine and had been drinking alcohol at a house party in the flat where he was later arrested which had a major impact into his death.

The 12-day long inquest held at Hanley Town Hall heard how Adrian had been tasered and bitten multiple times by a police dog and later died after being placed in the back of a police van outside.


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