INQUEST: Family devastated by jury conclusion after father of two dies in police custody


The family of Adrian McDonald have been left unsatisfied and devastated after a jury reached their conclusion into the reason for his death.

The inquest jury found that he died from the ‘effects of cocaine and stress caused by the incident’ back in December 2014.

Adrian of Dalton, Huddersfield, was tasered and bitten multiple times by a police dog and placed in a police van where he died seven minutes later.

Wayne McDonald, Adrian’s older brother, said: “My brother suffered horrific injuries that night. He was tasered whilst a dog bit him repeatedly, and although he asked for help nobody thought he needed medical assistance.

“Adrian didn’t kill himself that night.

“We are devastated as a family that after nearly 4 years of searching for the truth we are left with this jury’s conclusion.

“They could not decide whether or not the police played any part in Adrian’s death. They’ve just said the police may have contributed to his death.”

The father of two was arrested at a flat on Audley Road, Chesterton after a 999 call was made reporting a man who had barricaded himself into a flat causing the residents to flee.

This information was later found to be false but police were never corrected and the jury concluded that this misinformation affected decisions, responses and the level of force used.

Director of INQUEST, Deborah Coles, the charity who have been representing Adrian’s family, said: “When responding to those displaying signs of paranoia and distress, the police must do much better than resorting to the violence of tasers and dogs.

“Our thoughts are with Adrian’s family who have gone through almost four years of agony trying to make sense of what happened to their much-loved Adrian.”

The 12-day jury inquest held at Hanley Town Hall heard evidence from police who attended the scene, civilian witnesses and medical examiners.

Adrian was found with high levels of cocaine in his system at the time of his death and evidence of alcohol and cannabis.

Gareth Morgan, Chief Constable Staffordshire Police, said:“The evidence and role officers played in the detention of Adrian has been thoroughly examined in this inquest.

“As a police service we have already changed procedures and guidelines as a result of this tragedy.”


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