Guide Dogs relax stressed out Staffordshire University students!


Stressed Staffordshire University students flocked to the university library to swap their books for cuddles with guide dogs!

Dog De-Stress Day is a ‘pawesome’ event held twice a year on the Stoke-on-Trent campus to help students relax.

The event advertised the de-stress snuggles on their social media channels. On Facebook, they also reminded students and staff hoping to pet the pups to bring along a donation for charity.

Their most recent event saw four guide dogs, Pumpkin, Kate, Biscuit and Barney, come in for cuddles.

And it’s not just the students and pups who love the event.

It’s an opportunity for guide dog owners to get out and tell them all about their furry best friend.

David Reynolds, 73, has been blind for 20 years.

He loves bringing his guide dog Kate to the events to meet the students and lecturers.

Kate the Guide Dog at Dog De-Stress Day

Kate was very excited to see her four-legged friends, and equally as happy to lap up the attention from the students.

David said: “People are more relaxed with animals.

“Everything is so tense in the world today and there is no time for anything. Everyone wants everything yesterday.

“You have to have patience, and you need patience with a dog, particularly when you lose your eyesight.

“When you’re blind your dog is your mate and your eyes.

“These events allow students to come and pet the dogs and talk about what the dogs do for us.

“The group of dogs thoroughly enjoy the event and it’s even relaxing for them too.

“As soon as their harness comes off, they stop working and become an ordinary dog.”

People queued out of the door to come and meet the guide dogs and donate money to the Guide Dogs charity.

Tara Bishop, a 22-year-old student at the university, was one of the people to attend the event.

She said: “I’ve come to the last two events and wanted to come and see the dogs again.

“I’m very stressed at the moment and the event makes me really happy. It definitely does de-stress!”

To find out more about guide dogs and the Dog De-Stress Events, see our interview with David Reynolds below:


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