Blurton’s ‘Affordable Foods’ to host free Christmas dinners for people alone this festive season


A Blurton shop which sells food past its “best before” date at a discounted price is putting on free Christmas dinners for people who would have been alone on the festive period.

Nikki Barrett, 38, who opened up the ‘Affordable foods’ store in Blurton a year ago this weekend, is hosting 30 diners who would have spent time alone this Christmas.

The Christmas dinner is in association with the Hollybush Training & Enterprise Centre which the discounted shop is located in.

Nikki told Staffslive: “I’m so proud of the free Christmas meal. It’s going to be on one big table with thirty people around it and we are putting on a three-course dinner for free.”

“It’s something that I’m very passionate about that no one should have no one at Christmas, and that is our tagline – you shouldn’t be sat at home on your own at Christmas, you shouldn’t be sat on your own at any time.

“We are going to bring people together and they’re going to have a jolly good Christmas day with us on the house.”

Affordable foods will be not only be hosting Christmas dinner but also collecting the diners and taking them home followed by a free Christmas gift and a food hamper.

Affordable Foods store

Affordable Foods, Blurton

Nikki added: “This Christmas hasn’t cost us a penny because everybody has donated.

“Even though the girls in the cafe can’t be here on Christmas day, they’re doing all the preparations for us which that takes the stress off of us on the day.”

A woman who Nikki hasn’t met, made three boxes full of wrapped presents of things they were looking to give the diners.

“Everybody has given something, it’s just incredible.”

Not only is the shop known for discounted prices and free food, but Affordable foods now give sanitary products away for free all courtesy of Period Power.

Nikki said: “The feedback that I have had from that is amazing.

“Birgit Allport is very passionate about getting sanitary ware free for women.

“Period poverty is a massive issue, there are girls missing time from school because they haven’t got sanitary ware. There are people not going to work because they are spending their money on providing for their daughter’s sanitary wear.”

Affordable foods, Blurton

Affordable Foods store

Nikki is hoping to expand the Affordable food shop in each community in the city rather than a high street or town Centre.

“At the minute we are in Blurton on a council estate and it works very well.

“I want to be in these little pockets of communities where people can walk to us and save some money.

“The big aim is to get more Affordable foods in and around the city.”


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