NHS awards Staffordshire £1.2 million to reduce hospital admissions


Hospitals in Staffordshire are to benefit from an extra £1.2 million funding to help reduce heart patient hospital admissions.

The injection of cash is part of the NHS Test Beds Programme.

The aim of the project is to reduce hospital admissions for people with long-term heart conditions.

It could lead to 24,000 fewer hospital admissions, and 240,000 fewer bed days.

The project will use digital technologies to enhance “self care”, with community-based interventions when patients report symptoms.

Neil Carr, chief executive of Midlands NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Patients will receive better access to care before they become acutely unwell, reducing the need to go to hospital.”

Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, clinical chair for Stoke-on-Trent CCG, said: “Patients feel both supported and empowered when they are able to report back on their symptoms and see that there is something that can be done about it.

“Patients don’t want to be rushed in to hospital if it can be avoided.”


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