Staffordshire businesses become cyber savvy with new initiative


Businesses are becoming more cyber aware with a new scheme launched by Staffordshire’s Online Fraud Forum on behalf of Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, Matthew Ellis.

The free training aims to make businesses more cyber savvy and protect against fraudsters with designated workplace champions.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire & chairwoman of the partnership of local business and public sector, Sue Arnold, said: “We all have to become smarter if we’re going to reduce the impact of this kind of crime and this free training will enable businesses to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

“The new Cyber Crime champions will be the first point of contact for information and will be able to share it easily and quickly with their colleagues”

Last year, online fraud and cyber crime was estimated to have cost £11 billion pounds and fraudsters are increasingly targeting businesses both large and small.

Assistant Chief Constable, Emma Barnett, said: “The risks posed to businesses are significant and many organisations are being frequently exposed to cyber security risks.

“The cost to a business in terms of lost revenue or reputational damage through a cyber-attack can be devastating and there is a human impact of victims to these attacks and online frauds.

“This initiative will help make it more difficult for criminals to target businesses across Staffordshire by raising awareness of the current cyber threats and sharing information on how to protect themselves and prevent cyber-attacks in the future”.

Cyber awareness

Staffordshire’s Online Fraud Forum and Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, Matthew Ellis

Police Community Support Officer, Matthew Hough-Clewes is one of less than 10 throughout the UK and took on the role to protect the public and businesses from online fraud in December last year.

“I have visited a number of groups and organisations, showing them how to protect themselves online and not be tricked into giving away information to the wrong people.

“I’m really excited about this new Cyber Champion initiative and look forward to helping businesses in Staffordshire improve their cyber security”.

Cyber crime is swiftly becoming the most damaging crime a victim can experience.  Millions of pounds and reams of sensitive data are stolen every year and a lot of this can be prevented with some simple actions.

Forum member Karen Woolley, Federation of Small Businesses for Staffordshire and West Midlands development manager, said:  “This training is really important for the businesses we represent to ensure they understand the risks of cyber-crime and make sure they have plans in place to protect their businesses from cyber attacks”.

For more information and for any future updates visit Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime


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