Staffordshire anti-Brexit group hopes to inspire young people


A Staffordshire anti-Brexit group wants to reach out to young people in their fight for a second Brexit referendum.

Staffs4Europe are campaigning for a ‘people’s vote’ and are attempting to reach out to young people to strengthen their movement.

Elizabeth Baker, 61, Vice Chairman and Spokesperson for the group said: “We really need to mobilise young people.

“They seem to think mum and dad will sort it for them, but they need to stand up and be counted.”

In June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union with 52% of the vote. However, 73% of 18-24-year-olds voted to remain.

David Belfield, 50, a member of Staffs4Europe said: “There is a definite chasm of opinions between the generations.

“Among people who are 17-18, there is a real desire to have their voices taken in to account. They will be the ones picking up the pieces in whatever debacle is left.”

Despite 69% of Stoke-on-Trent voting leave, the group says their stall in the city centre had a positive response.

Their petition calling for a second referendum received 77 signatures.

Cliff Mitchell, 68, of Staffs4Europe said: “Support has been surprisingly good.

“I say surprisingly good because we are an area that voted heavily to leave the European Union.

“We get a bit of abuse, but on the whole, I think we are having an impact and people are changing their minds.”

Leading Brexiteers have said the proposal of a second referendum is against the will of the people, with Jacob Rees Mogg likening it to totalitarianism.

Elizabeth from Staffs4Europe said: “‘The will of the people’ is a phrase that chills me to the bone- people’s views are not static and they do change.”





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