The Salvation Army runs temporary tattoo campaign in Hanley in aid of Anti-Slavery


For most people, slavery hasn’t been an issue since it was outlawed in 1833, but for some this isn’t so. For over 120,000 people in the UK, slavery is still a very real issue, and it affects them everyday.

Anti-Slavery day (October 18) aims to raise awareness for modern slavery and it’s victims. The Salvation Army have once again been doing their bit, this year, with a temporary tattoo campaign. The design features five people holding hands inside a barcode, with the accompanying hashtag, #WeAreNotForSale.

The Salvation Army tattoo for Anti-Slavery day

The Salvation Army has helped 7724 victims of modern slavery since 2011, with a 50% still receiving treatment. In the last seven years, the government has held a contract with The Salvation Army, in which it has ensured the delivery and application of all specialist support services to adult victims of modern slavery. Some require mental health treatment, whilst others have suffered from other horrors ranging from drug abuse to sexual trafficking. The Salvation Army aims, to help all of them with whatever treatment they need.

Slave rates in the UK are growing, with there being a 6% rise in trade for labour exploitation and domestic service rising for the first time in four years by 1%. However, sexual exploitation amongst slave trade is down by 6%, the first fall in five years. With 86 victims, there were twice as many British slaves as the previous year.

The West Midlands had the third highest amount of victims, at 189, with only London and the North East with more.

With 47 facilities in Staffordshire, The Salvation Army does a lot of local work raising funds to combat slavery.

Thomas Burton, Line Manager for the Hanley Branch, said “We’ve had this shop open for nine and a half years now. We’ve got a solid customer base with some regulars, a great local reputation, and we do well for ourselves.”

If you want to help, the tattoo’s available at your local Salvation Army shop for £1, with 100% of profits going towards victim care. You can then share the photo online with #WeAreNotForSale, and add the Facebook profile picture frame.


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