Stoke-on-Trent MP Jack Brereton speaks out on dangerous driving


Conservative MP for Stoke-On-Trent South, Jack Brereton has been speaking to StaffsLive today after he recently spoke in Parliament about calling time on Britains’s ‘dangerous roads.’

The issue was raised after members of the constituency that Jack represents called for him to raise a debate in Westminster.

Jack said: “Road safety is an issue that affects every constituency, right across the country. Everyone will recognise specific dangerous roads and accident hotspots.

“1,793 people were killed in road crashes in Great Britain last year, which is 1,793 too many.

“In Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire alone, it costs the economy on average £32.5 million annually for all accidents involving speed, costs that could be reduced if we make our roads safer.”

This follows on from the statistics released recently showing that there have been 26 fatalities on the A500 over the last decade.

The CMPG (Central Motorways Policing Group) have been patrolling the A500 and A50 in Stoke in recent times and have already caught over 250 dangerous drivers, something that Jack believes to be a positive start.

He also believes that community initiatives are of huge importance and has proudly organised several community speed watches, and has taken part in the walk to school challenge.

Jack talked about the need to bolster the attitude we have seen towards broader preventative and community led initiatives that best encourage behavioural change and more responsible road usage for everyone.

Making better data available will be key to that, as will spreading information on examples of good and best practice in road safety across the local partnerships, delivering the improvements we all want to see.

Jack went on to talk about how although as a whole the UK stands in good stead when compared to other countries, that Staffordshire is a hotspot for accidents and collisions.

Jack strongly made the point about how its not just motorists who are at risk, it the more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists who are also unfortunately included in those statistics.

This clearly calls for change and with the introduction of the CMPG on the more notorious roads hopefully, the statistics can be lowered.





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