Dirty Dancing: Review


Dirty Dancing the Musical stays close to the iconic 80’s film based in the 1960’s, giving the audience a taste of the romantic drama they know and love.

Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (Kira Malou) is on a family holiday at the Kellerman’s resort in the Catskill Mountains in America when she is mixed with dancers of the working class who have to entertain the rich guests.

After dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Michael O’Reilly) hits a blow when his lead dance partner, Penny Johnson (Simone Covele) goes through a tragic event in her life, sweet and innocent ‘Baby’ steps in and takes her place to make the final dance happen.

But Baby’s Father disapproves of Johnny which causes clashes between the dance partners.

Baby (Kira Malou) and Johnny (Michael O'Reilly)

From left, Baby (Kira Malou) and Johnny (Michael O’Reilly)

However, it is clear to see that Kira Malou and Michael O’Reilly have a strong chemistry between them on stage as the intimate scenes made the audience scream with “ooo’s”.

The sultry dance instructor Johnny left the packed theatre screaming and wolf whistling in many of his intimate scenes and dance routines.

The performance also showed humour as fits of laughter broke throughout the theatre at Baby’s sister Lisa (played by Lizzie Ottley) during her hula performances.

Johnny made a powerful entrance through the crowd before running on stage shouting the iconic phase “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” which of course led the audience to scream in cheers followed by the famous “Time of my life” lift in the final dance.

The Kellerman’s band was incredible from start to finish, going hand-in-hand with the dance routines and leaving the theatre wanting more.

Dirty Dancing is at the Regent Theatre from 15-20 October 18. For tickets, more information, and more shows see the website for more details.


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