Celebrating Staffordshire’s female artists for BBC Music Day


On BBC Music Day the BBC aims to “bring the nation together”. It celebrates the power of music and it’s ability to transform and change lives.

Whilst highlighting the biggest artists topping the charts, BBC Music Day also place a specific spotlight on the emerging local talents across the country; from all-female bands paving their own route to success, to solo performers tackling an increasingly crowded industry.

For BBC Music Day, StaffsLive is focused on celebrating Staffordshire’s emerging female artists, groups and singers who are bringing the community together, inspiring the next generation of talent, and doing things in their own way to challenge decades-long conventions.

Lilac Noise is Stoke-on-Trent’s only all-female band, with Bethaney Johnson, Catherine Rule and Tiffany Plant all working together to continue to entertain their fans.

Speaking on behalf of the band, Beth told us: “Our music doesn’t really fit into any kind of genre. We’re pretty new and still finding our sound.

“We’re passionate about music, and we really want to achieve big things. We want our gigs to be packed and continue creating new music that we’re excited for.

“We can’t wait for people to hear our new releases.”

Lilac Noise perform in Stoke-on-Trent. Image by Bethan Shuff

In an industry that is heavily male dominated, where two-thirds of live performers are men, Lilac Noise challenges the norm, but isn’t defined by the fact.

It doesn’t particularly matter about our gender. At the end of the day, we enjoy doing what we do,” Beth said.

“Although it’s quite a selling point, we don’t want the ‘girl band’ stigma. We’re just here to make music for people to enjoy.”

The Guardian carried out a study of all live gigs for a 24 hour period, finding that of 370 listed gigs, 255 (69 per cent) were made up of men. 33 (9 per cent) were discovered to be female-only.

A 2017 diversity study found that 30 per cent of music executive jobs were taken up by women.

The group offered their advice to those looking to start their own groups in the music world. They said: “It’s all about supporting one another and bringing each other out of your shells. Stick it through because it’s worth it to watch your growth and see people creatively expressing themselves.

“At the beginning it’s going to be difficult, exceedingly if you haven’t played together before. Everyone has different playing styles, and everyone holds back their true form at the beginning.”

Other Staffordshire female artists to watch:

Megan Dixon-Hood

Delicate yet fierce, Megan’s vocals have the ability to caress you in an ethereal bubble in one moment, and pop it in angst in the next.

Her recent single, Drown, released 7 September, explores the darker side of Megan’s music, alongside her impressive vocal range.

Listen to it here:


Futurewife is Sophie’s current solo project, compromising of kick-ass beats, synths and angsty lyrics. Sophie’s vocals are airy and light, almost as though floating on a cloud.

In Our House begins with the chime of a soft synth, which introduces a gentle but groovy little beat.

Listen to it here:


Onyda has a kaleidoscopic sound which echoes through her songs, making any of her crowds seriously swoon over her delicate yet confident vocals. Her range is insane and unreplicable, and her psychedelic guitar tones make for a sound incomparable to any other artist in recent years.

Young and Stupid is a show-stealer, with it’s honest lyrics and stunningly crafted chorus. It takes you back to your high school years, the years where you were certain you knew everything there was to know in the world.

Listen to it here:


Dangerously cool quartet, Honey is fronted by Arthur Rowley alongside Alex Mason, Archie Boyce and Beth Austen. Their sassy on-stage presence paired with their gritty guitars and grittier-yet-fun lyrics make them a powerhouse on the music scene and a joy to watch live.

One of their tracks, 101, features confident vocals and explorative musicality as Honey have settled comfortably into their own sound.

Listen to a selection of their songs here:



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