Staffordshire Day: The anniversary of Wedgwood


Celebrations across the county took place today in honour of Staffordshire Day!

Every year on the 1st of May, Staffordshire comes alive with a variety of events to celebrate everything that is great about the county – and this year was no different.

The day marks the anniversary of Josiah Wedgwood setting up his famous pottery company in 1759, which transformed Staffordshire into the centre of the world’s ceramics industry.

To celebrate the special occasion, the Wedgwood factory offered free entry to their award-winning factory tour, which showcases the craftsmanship of talented potters.

Gaye Blake-Roberts, curator of the Wedgwood Museum, said: “Staffordshire Day was chosen by the people of Staffordshire to celebrate the county and its achievements, but for us it was a particularly important day because it was actually the founding date of the Wedgwood company.

“Josiah Wedgwood started his own business as a master potter on the 1st of May 1759 and its from that date we take our origins and our history.”

Mug made at Wedgwood Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields mug by Wedgwood

2018 is the third year that Staffordshire Day has been celebrated, the first taking place in 2016 when the county turned 1000 years old.

Gaye added: “It came about as the result of a public poll, so we were particularly thrilled that it was our day.

“Every county ought to celebrate their achievements, their notable people, their heroes and Staffordshire was one of the very first counties to actually embrace this concept and it’s particularly nice to see it entering in to its third year of increasing notice, success and diversity.”

As Staffordshire Day fell on a Tuesday this year, the festivities have been extended to the weekend.

Some of Staffordshire’s most famous attractions are taking part, with Trentham Gardens offering two-for-one entry into the gardens.

Alton Towers Resort are offering half-price admission to its theme park, for any adrenaline junkies who bring along a Staffordshire Knot.

For more information on the different ways to celebrate Staffordshire, visit this page or visit the Enjoy Staffordshire website.


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