Stoke City host ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ awards ceremony


Stoke City teamed up with charity Show Racism the Red Card for a school awards ceremony.

The ceremony helped celebrate the children’s creative writing and multi-media work under the theme of ‘Race’.

The charity, in its 20th year, decided to give Stoke City the honour of hosting the anniversary.

The Bet 365 Stadium’s Warrington Suite was the setting for this year’s event which included a variety of special guests.

These included Stoke City’s manager Paul Lambert, ex-England international Trevor Sinclair and Watford legend Luther Blissett.

The Warrington Suite walls were covered with children’s art from schools all over the country, from Croydon to Durham.

Lisa Rogers, from Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge, hosted the event, where she assisted with the children’s poetry, some of the creativity on display was eye-opening, including this powerful piece:

“Gypsy!” they scream.
“Polish” they growl.
“Jews!” they screech, prejudice making their every thought hatred and cruelty,
they impend on their victims, viciously locking them into Concentration Camps:
the night of 1940

By Olamide Ibrahim, Varna Community Primary School

Luther Blissett expressed how proud he was of the kids, as a session worker for the charity.

He also emphasised that even after years of attending events such as this, the standard of work continues to surprise him.

“All you need to do is look at the work on display today, that tells you that if you can get that message across to the kids,” he said.

“They’re at that age where they understand and they take it on board because they are sponges and they absorb.”

Luther Blissett

Despite Show Racism the Red Card raising awareness at events like this, charities mainly focus on grassroots and local level.

But there are still many problems at domestic and global level, with international governing bodies accused of ignoring the impact of racism.

FIFA’s decision to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia was a controversial, given their problems with racist attitudes.

And with the tournament only seven weeks away, charity ambassador Trevor Sinclair gave his thoughts on the decision.

“It’s disappointing for me, that the World Cup is in Russia, because I feel they’ve got a huge problem with racism there,” he told Staffslive.

“I think, similar to Qatar but for different reasons, it’s a stain for the World Cup and for FIFA.”


The world of football is still striving for progression in terms of race, and the hope is the message will spread across the country.

Show Racism the Red Card still has a lot of work to do, but will continue to raise awareness and help represent people that suffer abuse.

The charity is also helping promote ‘Wear Red Day’ on October 19, where people attend work or school in red to demonstrate their stance against racism and to help raise funds for anti-racism education.


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