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After an experiment turns nasty, Primatologist, Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) must work alongside discredited geneticist Dr Kate Caldwell, played by Oscar nominated Naomi Harris (Moonlight) and George, a rare Albino gorilla who becomes a victim of exploitation, to stop a monster invasion.

‘Chicago has fallen’ in New Line Cinemas reproduction of video game ‘Rampage’.

Chirping birds and rainforest sounds echo through the wildlife centre where a family of Gorilla’s live until they are brutally murdered by a science experiment.

Director, Brad Peyton attempts to play with our imagination but whether or not he keeps us hooked throughout the entire movie is another question.

The companionship between Davis and George is great to see, their comical and loving relationship highlights that humans and animals can co-exist in a world where animals are quite often exploited.

The film alternates from the hustle and bustle of the city to a calm and tranquil park centre but after George, Ralph and Lizzie (a Gorilla, Wolf and Alligator) are genetically edited, making them enormous beyond compare, the peace may not last for long.

Along the way quite a few characters become animal bait.

The brains behind the rogue experiment is Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman), her character represents a wealthy and corrupt society who are careless about the suffering of innocent animals, as long as they get their share of the slaughter.

Akerman plays the role of an evil business woman to perfection but her greed for fortune will inevitably end in disaster for both herself and her childlike brother (Played by Jake Lacy).

We are gripped to our seats as there’s a moment where our hearts stop for a second in the final showdown between George and Lizzie.

Rampage is an all-round family film with a few bumps along the way but nevertheless it is full of explosions, action and emotion.

Rampage is showing in all cinemas nationwide.


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