No Fit State Circus – Lexicon: Live Review


No Fit State Circus is in Newcastle-under-Lyme with their show ‘Lexicon’ from March 28 to April 21.

Walking into the Big Top is like taking a step back in time, with old-school popcorn machines and vintage wooden money boxes. The smell of salted popcorn filled the air and people played accordions around the tent, as the anticipating crowd waited for the show to begin.

This is Lexicon.

Rows of wooden school desks that had lift-up lids, occupied the floor, and mischievous students vandalised the ‘classroom’ with paper planes. The desks began to rise into the air as the performers were swinging around.

It was obvious that this wasn’t your average circus.

When you think of the circus, you envisage acrobats in lycra leotards or ballroom dresses and clumsy clowns. Lexicon breaks the typical conventions of the circus, to create a powerful and unique show.circus

Men were smartly dressed in a 1920’s style, with shirts and slacks with braces and girls wore feminine dresses.

Lexicon’s scenes take you through a story, in which you grow to love each performer and their personality, and discover that Sam is always the butt of the joke. These loveable rouge characters make you laugh throughout their slapstick comedy episodes.

As an audience member you become somewhat invested in them and even when a few fire sticks get dropped, it doesn’t matter, because the performers don’t take themselves too seriously.

Music from a diverse live band (including harmoniums and ukuleles) roared through the speakers, creating an air of suspense, as performers balanced on stands with one hand, fell dramatically from ropes and circled the room on wires.

There was never a dull moment and you often find yourself jaw agape, amazed at the strength and talent throughout the show. The gymnastic sequences were so beautifully choreographed, launching girls into the air and somersaulting from shoulders.

From slack-rope to unicycles, Lexicon offers a range of unimaginable skills alongside stunning visuals. There is no smoke and mirrors and the show is as authentic as they come.

Visit No Fit State circus in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the home of the circus, until April 21.

You can buy tickets here.

Photographs provided by No Fit State circus.


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