Music lovers celebrate National Record Store Day in Stoke-on-Trent


Stoke-on-Trent music fans are coming together to celebrate National Record Store Day today (April 21)!

Stores across the country will be selling exclusive vinyl’s written by artists and will also be putting on shows and events to attract new customers.

Rubber Soul Records, Marsh Street, Hanley, is one of 200 independent stores across the UK who will be commemorating the day.

Robert Barrs, owner of Rubber Soul Records, told StaffsLive: “This is the eleventh year of the event and groups of artists write exclusive items and sell them in independent record shops.

“There are a number of exclusive items you can purchase, everything from Madonna to Rage Against the Machine.

“Artists like Florence and the Machine and Led Zeppelin have also released exclusive vinyl’s that you can only get on the day.”

Mr Barrs also spoke about the popularity of records nowadays.

He said: “Its still really small and records only represent 3% of sales in the music industry.

“So its not this explosion, but it has become more mainstream.”

Click below to watch StaffsLive‘s full interview with Robert from Rubber Soul Records:


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